Why a lottery, why blockchain?

Lottery is the first class gambling game since hundreds of years. Both the traditional and the current digital world have different problems: trust, logistics, security, government regulation, etc. Blockchain technology solves all these problems, the use of smart contracts adds security, transparency, speed and anonymity. The time has come to include blockchain in lottery.


Nowadays there are a multitude of projects coming out daily focused on the NFT world (DAO, GAME, ART). Our goal is to create an entertainment service, which adds value to the Elrond ecosystem providing new ways of utilization to its smart contracts. Our lottery will make use of the blockchain network to:

  • Sell tickets and raise funds.
  • Conduct the draw with guaranteed randomness.
  • Deliver prizes

The prizes

Lotteries usually distribute prizes between 50% and 55% of the collected amount. Our lottery will start distributing 90% of the incomes to prizes and will increase close to 95%. Our prizes will be in $EGLD and high value NFT collections.

Take my money!


READY: In the first phase the objective is to get the first 1000 participants, at that point we will be distributing almost 100 $EGLD in prizes.

  • COMMUNITY: Set up Discord server, Telegram groups and start buiding the EgoldLottery community.
  • MARKETING: Says Hello World with our Twitter through giveaways and partnerships
  • SOLD 1k TICKETS: Get the first 1000 participants, at that point we will be distributing almost 100 $EGLD in prizes.

STEADY: It would be a phase of growth and expansion, more winners and more NFT. In this phase we will develop:

  • BOTS: To make it easier for players to track results, buy tickets, claim rewards etc.
  • GIVEAWAY: Give away tickets to your friends via herotag or wallet address.
  • PAY WITH LKMEX: You will be able to pay in LKMEX, prizes remain in EGLD ;)
  • REFERRAL SYSTEM: Get discounts by spreading the word about our Lottery.
  • NFT/SFT PASS: Access to discounted tickets for a period of time.

GO: Consolidation, we will focus on:

  • EXPANSION: Reaching new communities and offering new prizes (LKMEX/METABONDING farms).
  • NEW GAMES: According to what the community decides, imagine being able to play "rock, paper, scissors", or "Black Jack".
  • NEW MODES: Against an algorithm or against other users (PVP).
  • MAKE YOUR DRAW: You will be able to use our smart contract to create your own draw of NFTs.
  • METAVERSE: Spatial.IO, see results, live draws, NFTs gallery, community meeting point where to make decisions etc.
  • TOKEN: Platform utility token and DAO seating.